Ear Plugs Against Noise

We all know the yellow sponge ear plugs they sell at some stores or pharmacies, but did you know that they can actually prevent temporary hearing loss from exposure to noise?

In recent years, the percentage of adolescents and young people with hearing loss has increased considerably. It is estimated that this is 31% in the last two decades. This is due to the increase in exposure to recreational noise , since young people frequently attend concerts, festivals, clubs or bars where music levels reach up to 110 dB . These levels can cause damage to our hearing after 15 minutes of exposure causing a hearing loss.

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands measured the effectiveness of disposable earplugs in youngsters who attended a music festival for 4 or 5 hours. One group used the plugs throughout their stay and another did not, finding that only 8% of the participants who used the plugs had a slight change in their hearing after the concert, in contrast to the other group in which changes were observed in Hearing in 42% of subjects.

In addition to this result, a lower percentage of participants who used the caps had tinnitus; That annoying ringing in the ears after being exposed to high noise levels (12% versus 40% in the group that did not use the plugs). This proves that the use of earplugs is effective in preventing temporary hearing loss caused by high levels of music. So the use of these should be promoted to avoid, in the future, a permanent hearing loss.

It is also important to mention that the placement of the best ear plugs must be adequate. Protecting them will depend on how well they are. To place a stopper it is important with clean hands to crush it by turning with your fingers until it is perfectly compressed without losing its cylindrical shape. Then pull the ear opposite the ear up and back and insert the plug. Finally with the tip of the finger you have to hold the plug in place until it expands completely.

Disposable stoppers are easy to use and can be reused 2 or 3 times.

At hearing aid guide we care about your hearing and that is why we have all kinds of noise stoppers and can guide you in what is the best for you and how it should be placed to give you the best protection.

5 Skills an Alzheimer’s Caregiver Should Develop

More and more people have discriminated many jobs and one of them is caregiving but it’s not what is been discouraged or other people was talking about but its about the heart and the effort of every caregivers out there seeking for the benefit of their patients. And there are many skills that they need to develop and at consistent pace, tummy tuck they should be able to overcome the disadvantages needed to develop these certain type of skills without regrets on frustration at all. Information, Patience, Conversational, Perseverance and Care are certain types of skills needed to enhance the capability of their role as the main contributor for their patients having Alzheimer’s disease.

Adult Daughter Talking To Depressed Father At Home

Stock knowledge learned as times goes by is a good way to handle things at ease but that does not end there. Most of good Alzheimer’s disease information is been modified and improvised to help every reader obtain more realistic and new ways to treat patient. There is a need for looking back the new information because they might get few more new and more reliable tips through researching rather than learning on themselves only. There is a need for them to learn new things and new tips that are essentially useful and rather more reliable than the recent one.

Most jobs are frustrating and yes it does not only affecting one’s physical behavior but it is also emotionally damaging that turned out to be revenge, wild or even resigning of a work. Patience is needed to treat an Alzheimer patient even it is at state of a need for them to slap the patient on the face. This does mean that as being a good employee that cares about their job, it is a need to understand that what is been handled are not perfectly humans but in fact people who are useless and no-brain at all. It is so sad to think of them being alone. Patience would merely mean that when argument does occur between them and the patient, it is a need to hide the feelings since it is a need to match up the both of them in order not to commit unwanted behavior. Relaxing, shouting outside the premises or doing something farther from hitting or doing physical contact, are simple and basic ways to acquire patience.

Communicating is a need for them to help the patients. This means that an act of communicating to a patient is a sign of giving them a value to this world. Yes, they cannot hear or sometimes are unable to understand the care they have obtained but still a caregiver needs to allow certain symbols as a proof of giving them sometime to have an attention. They need to communicate in a simple and smiling form in order to achieve the best feedback of the patient. In additional with that, the act of listening one or two word uttered by the patient and giving them a quite response of appreciation is also a sign of good conversational skills that needed to be enhanced to allow themselves away from getting annoyed or troublesome.

Working in this type of format is very tiring and rather very discouraging due to the fact that sometimes, this type of work is simply has a low income. Despite of that, perseverance can lead to many types of result. And not only with that, can the good way of behaving also be a good grace to god. It is very hard to catch up things while being emotional towards patients but aside from that, having a good effort without giving up is a sign of not just only income but because of the precious patients needed to be guided and took care of. Who will take care of them if there are no volunteers to help them?

Last but not the least is the care. In order for a person to accomplish his task is the potential of taking care of the patient itself. It is so important to have this because of how it will treat a patient carefully. Giving a care like how does a child took care of his mother, is a logical way of giving value to the job. As a matter of fact, the life depends on this situation and job for its priority is not only the safety but also the survival of patients through his aging symptoms.