Timber Frame Home And Log Home Builder

Building and shipping a log home to Hawaii, production and installation of custom built wood cabinetry in a Mexican resort, construction and transport of 45 foot heavy timber trusses across the continent, high quality lumber products and Vancouver Island timber frame housing projects, all have one company in common. Fit out The firm is known to some of its customers as Timberwright Specialty Wood Products and to others as Timberwright Homes, both are divisions of Timberwright Manufacturing Inc. and the company is located in Campbell River.

“We specialize in supplying custom cut, lumber products including fine grain Douglas Fir, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, Alder and Sitka Spruce. Our wood products are available in a variety of grades ranging from Export Industrial Clear, to utility,” said Pat Beaveridge, the firm”s owner and manager. ” We supply primarily high quality wood or difficult to find cuts, such as aircraft and boat lumber, Free of Heart Center (FOHC) extra long or large dimensional sawn timbers, premium Clear grades and specialty cuts, like table and bar top slabs, wide plank wood flooring, mantels and handcrafted D Log or Log Cabin siding.”

One of the company’s new directions is the construction of handcrafted timber frame homes. Beaveridge pulled out a book to explain the centuries old style of European construction that she and her crew have come to admire. “We’re designing and building three of these right now, here on the Island” she said. While primarily exporting and constructing in other countries for the last three years, “Some of our employees have young families and we want to build more projects like this that keep our crew closer to home..”

Beaveridge quickly came to realize that identifying herself as “Pat” on paperwork was to her advantage, because some clients and suppliers didn’t come to know her gender until after they had discovered the company’s excellent products and services. “I had a lot to learn in the industry and I’ve done most of it the old fashioned way – on the job,” she said. She’s quick to tell people she spent time training for months at a specialty mill and thereafter her first customer, a lumber supplier working on Whistler projects has and continues to add to her knowledge base. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and spent years in counseling and mediation. Beaveridge is insistent that Timberwright customers benefit from those professional skills in the form of better communication and customer service. Lynn Conall, her office administrator, walked with Beaveridge out of the same counseling/mediation career path and into her friend’s exciting, new company.

“We listen carefully to customer’s needs and wishes and communicate clearly and effectively,” said Conall. She believes that helps to make a difference in customer service and integrity.

Speaking to other women dreaming of a new career Beaveridge said, “I would encourage other women to step out and take a risk!” She hopes women will look at their ambitions and professional desires with greater flexibility and adaptability, take their visions and make exciting things happen in their lives and in the economy.

Beaveridge said Timberwright was born from an awareness four years ago that the Island needed custom kiln drying services for large timbers. The company has not invested in the equipment to offer the specialized kiln drying services as yet, because the costs have been too prohibitive. Instead Timberwright is making a name for itself through providing diversified quality products and services to meet commercial and residential needs.

A sample of the firm’s products and work can be seen in Cape Mudge Resort’s Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge on Quadra Island. Open beam, Pacific Coast Kwagiuth architecture design blended with cultural artistic finishes make the facility one of a kind.

The company’s existing website provides more information on the variety of products including custom timber frame porches and entries, heavy timber and log truss construction, timber beams and braces, custom timber stairs and railings, mantels, furniture and wood cabinetry. With a new focus for the company on local projects Timberwright is currently in the process of designing a website specifically for log home and timberframe construction. They offer full design/build services, general contracting and provincial warranty coverage for all their homes. Everything Timberwright manufactures is designed to meet or exceed industry specifications.

The mainstay of Timberwright Specialty Wood Products is in supplying the finest in Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir aircraft and boat lumber as well as providing custom cut beams to other timberframe, log home and post and beam builders. The company is able to provide fine grain product with a minimum of 15 to 30 annual rings per inch.

We provide a high degree of milling accuracy,” said Beaveridge. “We can provide custom cuts to a customer’s exact specifications and supply unique and character pieces such as curved timbers.

A young woman breaking into a male dominated industry has a list of key success factors; Beaveridge shares willingly, she gives credit for her company’s growth primarily to her team of ten talented wood craftsmen and joiners and the generous sharing of industry expertise offered by various professionals. She also said, “hard work plus integrity, taking risks (even financial ones), a strong level of conviction, maintaining commitments to customers, diversification, building relationships with clients and suppliers, identifying, valuing and implementing the varied skills of multi-talented staff, willingness to become an exporter and advertising to create and maintain a good company image are essential.” She’s good at doing her homework about funding sources such as Export Development Canada and she’s always adding to her vision for the company’s future. From the kitchen counter to the global marketplace, Pat Beveridge has not only created her own specialty wood products business, she has broken the million dollar a year sales threshold in just three short years. She has taken her Bachelor of Arts Degree and has shifted from anger management, as a counselor/mediator, into calculating her future in board feet lumber quantities and forest product wood grading qualities. She has brought her peer, professional associate, Lynn Conall, into her operation as office administrator. They believe their backgrounds give them an advantage in customer service.

Pat is certain Timberwright’s keys to success are essential to anyone in business: networking; diversification; willingness to take a risk; personal and employee investment; hard work; integrity; timely product/service delivery; readiness to export as well as planned marketing and advertising.

Her company values the diverse skills of their employees and they believe hand crafted products, such as mortise and tenon connections with wooden peg joinery are an example of what her customers want in quality.

Shipping and installing hand crafted, company designed, high end cabinetry for a Mexico developer; building a log home to export to Hawaii; meeting orders for lumber and 45 foot trusses across North America or starting up her own timber frame construction division, Pat has some incredible accomplishments to her credit. Many customers don’t find out she’s a woman until after they come to appreciate the company’s products and services.

Timberwright’s new goal is to increase construction projects on the Island to keep employees closer to home, and Pat’s added the programs to make it happen. “We even offer home warranty coverage,” Pat said inviting Islanders to call Timberwright with their next project.

A Plane hangar at the Campbell River Airport is an unlikely place to find a woodworking shop. For Pat and Kevin Beveridge of Timberwright Manufacturing, it’s the perfect spot for their specialty wood export business. When Pat was starting the business in 2001, the airport hangar property had been empty for awhile, and one of the specialty products was Sitka Spruce that is used in airplane construction. The connection was made and the business has been taking off ever since.

“Our business is wood” states Pat. “Both my husband and I are from the Island and we decided to stay in the area when everyone else in construction was moving to Alberta. “We provide aircraft lumber, boat lumber, timber frame components, post and beam,” explains Pat. “Primarily, we supply high end lumber to customers all around the world.”

Now in their third year of business, Timberwright employs 11 workers and purchases local logs on the open market that are milled to custom dimensions. They are used in everything from custom cabinetry, furniture and pre-fab timber components for homes.

With their own staff designer, the Beveridges are expanding their company to include building custom homes, cabins and resorts. Their experience locally include projects on Quadra Island, Little Dent Island and Arran Point Lodge, as well as a chalet they are currently working on at Mount Washington.

The hangar location also provides space for some special projects like the 45-foot structural timber trusses built for a California golf course clubhouse. Recently, they have found a new market for higher end cabinetry that is begin exported to tropical Mexico.