The Steps To Learning About Painting And Decorating Sash Windows

There you sit, preparing to begin this crazy do it yourself craft, and so overwhelmed you are. Renovations melbourne You see, the project is to paint those amazing sash windows that lie so sweetly in your house. But before you start Painting and decorating sash windows, you must learn how to prevent painting windows shut. Knowing these vital steps will keep you from messing up your lovely windows for all time, as well as avoiding the terrible task of repeating the project.

The very first thing to know is what type of paint is currently on your sash windows. Is the paint old? What condition is it in? For those who have fairly good quality to the paint, this is easy. Simply smooth it out with glass paper and give it a good wash to remove dirt. If your paint happens to be very old, you will need to strip the paint of the windows using paint stripper. However, if the old paint is very thick, it may be necessary to use more than one layer of paint stripper. Next, use glass paper to sand the area.

Sash windows are a challenge to paint in particular, since there are many small crevices and the sashes may block each other. The key to sash windows is to learn the proper steps as well as their order before beginning to paint. To avoid the terrible painting of the window shut, tape down all surfaces you don’t desire to paint. The key to the tape is to take it off after you are all done with your painting but before the paint is dry.

To begin the actual painting, lift the inner sash while lowering the outer sash. Now, use a small brush to paint the parts of the outer sash that are within reach. Start with the glazing bars, followed by the lower cross bar, and finish with the side rails. Next, put down then inner sash, only touching the unpainted upper sash. Now you will have access to the top of the upper sash. Paint the accessible areas and blend the paint on the previously painted area.

Now that this is done, you can do the lower sash completely. Just paint the rest of parts that need painted. Just leave the sashes in place until the paint is completely dry. At last, close the sash and do the side runners and the window sill. If there is anything left, paint it now. At last, you are ready to begging learning the art of Painting and decorating sash windows and how to prevent painting windows shut! Hire the right help for sash window repairs london. By hiring a sash window company London to do the job right. Head online now for more information.