Dining Room Architec Design

This post modern home has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and sitting in the Hollywood Hills, from Mullholland Dr. amazingly Its design uses an amazing view of the city around. It also often use “green” technology such as using recycled glass, recycled marble, cork floors and Office Carpets Pty Ltd so forth. Entrance to the main level, is via an enclosed private yard. Great room consisting of living room, dining room, and kitchen. The main feature here is a floating fireplace that can be played at all.

This kitchen has all the equipment that may be necessary to cook the perfect meal. There’s even a BBQ on deck that runs the length of large and separate office space is attached, with built in desk and file cabinets. Lower level has a media room equipped with Jacuzzi. There is a sound system throughout the home center cable and outside decks. One table is also equipped with Jacuzzi to relax in the fresh air.

Currently, two-bedroom cottage is inserted into the original house as a living and dining room. Standard adds a new kitchen, family room, office, garage, master suite bedroom and kids bedroom, basically doubling the volume of homes from 1580 sf to 3500 sf. New house arranged around two main pages. The main living space opens to the interior pages, while pages appear on the exterior of the town in the distance. Independent cubes arranged around the original site in a way that makes the order of chaos. In later days, families can add on an additional bedroom per their original plan. We are pleased with how the house evolved, “added the Head of School Standards and Co-Founder Silvia Kuhle.” Hidden House offers a living experience of major countries in the middle of the urban environment.

Inspired by the client’s desire to live in a house that reflects the values and lifestyle, home took an architectural approach, at least with a simple mass, an understated palette of materials, and a large expanse of glass. Configured for entertainment, live glass box area, along with large sliding doors from the dining room and pool invite guests out to the pool to take in the spectacular view of the sky at Austin. We try our best to have as little impact on the environment as well. Houses have a 3kw solar panel system, instant hot water heater, bio foam insulation, rain water that irrigates some good collection of many, highly efficient mechanical systems, and low-e glass.

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